Welcome to Search and Rescue Queensland

Phase 1. The build up.

Members of the boating public are welcome to sign up today to Phase 1 of our membership program.

Our systems are different to what you may have been use to in the past with other organisations, but it has to be because they financially failed. Search and Rescue Queensland has a two part sign up process, firstly we get you click across to our parent company and sign up your vessel to the registration program. The registration program simply manages your vessels government registration for you, and you can chose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. Importantly, it costs no more than you are currently paying, and a fortnight before your registration is due to the Queensland Government, you’ll receive a email confirmation that it’s been paid on your behalf.

Click here to sign up.

Phase 2. Operational

The plan is to become operational in our first 4 key areas as soon as possible. These areas are Gold Coast, The Bay of Islands, Moreton Bay, and Sunshine Coast which reaches up to Double Island. With the word Queensland in our name, we do plan to extend further north, but don’t have a date for this expansion.

Commercial vessels are available to us immediately, but we require the boating public to sign up to Phase 1, the sooner the better. With our founder having 14 years of qualified commercial rescue experience under his belt, and a masters degree in crisis management, high performance organisations, innovation, our systems, planning and the way our business is designed is what is going to set us apart from any competition.

In 14 years, every single person has been found every single time, it’s not just a search, it’s Search and Rescue.

S & R Crew

Active volunteers

After being a volunteer for many years, there are a few non negotiable for us, and paying to volunteer isn’t fair.

Each of the S & R QLD volunteers will get a kit bag, inclusive of a hat, polarised sunglasses, refillable sunscreen, two S & R QLD shirts, two pairs of quick dry shorts, a refillable drink bottle, hand sanitiser.

No addicts.

As a health and safety organisation, we won’t ask people to train in the care for others, when they can’t care for their own health.

We have a zero harm policy, no smokers will become active members.

Health and fitness requirements

Put simply, you have to be fit for purpose. It’s not an age limit, it’s a performance standard. I’m not going to send crews out in a boat only for them to also become patients. If you can’t bend down and touch the ground, can’t see your feet for your stomach, or can’t turn your head and look back over your shoulder, chances are you can’t carry a patient on a stretcher up a beach to a vessel or waiting helicopter.

Volunteer Lotto

I got this idea from the movie Die Hard 3, where in the movie, the N.Y. Police use their badge number as a lotto number.

Often it’s impracticable to have a boat as a volunteer, you’re either volunteering, at family events or the weather is poor.

We’ll set up a lotto system that allows for accommodation, use of a recreational boat, or camper trailer as choices for volunteers who win the weekly lotto. Tickets are free.


Knowing is the kevlar of success.

I’ve had over $200,000 worth of education in my adult life post high school, I love it.

Each volunteer will be given free education in First aid, CPR, and Advanced Life Support including the use if a defib. Other courses are available to progress through to skipper under the AMSA format, but is not mandatory for everyone.


We don’t do it, we are a business, we have a revenue stream, it’s a waste of time for our skillset, our job is on the water helping people, not begging for cash.

Community engagement

It’s going to be common for volunteers to be helpful, and often we may be around boat ramps trouble shooting. I’ve handed out more tide times than I care to remember, but it’s a rewarding process and very much opens the publics eyes to who we are and what we offer.


Often how we present ourselves, is a key factor in what people think of us, and what they of our organisation.

Shirts are a certain length, I’m very tall, if I’m reaching up my shirt often untucks itself from my pants, when I’m done with the task, I tuck my shirt back in.

We will be working with peoples health, and on vessels up to $10 million, people need to believe we are the people for the task. This is especially important in high traffic areas like boat shows, boat ramps, marinas, and island camp areas and tourist locations like Tipplers kiosk.


Similar to above, people need to see us as the clear choice, want us to help them. If men choose to grow a beard thats up to them, but it must be presentable. If you look homeless, or like you belong in a terrorist cell, you’ll be given a disposable shaver and 10 minutes to fix your presentation.

Former President Abraham Lincoln

President Lincoln once said, “If you put a rotten apple with 5 good apples, all you get is 6 rotten apples”.

While it would make our task easier in the short term, we won’t be accepting volunteers who have been from one of the other two organisations. Surf life members are welcome to submit their interest in upgrading to our ocean rescue organisation.